Wednesday, 18 March 2015

It’s behind me, isn’t it?

For the second time in this week that Jade found something stalking behind her. Last Saturday it was the kitten, this time it is a large nasty chicken. This is Jade's it’s behind me, isn't it look, moments before that beak came down. Oh well might as well pull a tongue while I am at it.

Ouch Jade, a chicken? That is an ostrich not a chicken, no wonder it wants to peck you for calling her an overgrown chicken. Maybe it is because Jade's supper yesterday had a bit more fire than what it said on the label. Last night I cooked a not so hot sweet chilli chicken dish in the oven and served it on a bed of fried rice. Uhmmm very tasty if I say so myself. Anyway Jade managed to get into the bowl of remainder sweet chilli chicken source and licked the bowl clean.

During the evening she woke me up with whimpering, so I took her outside so she could relieve herself but she went straight for the outside water bowl and drank and drank lots of water. This repeated itself two times more. Even the inside cat's water bowl was drained. With all the water that Jade was drinking, I thought she would need the toilet often but no all Jade wanted was water. Poor thing, the sweet chilli chicken wasn't too spicy but her tummy must have complained.

So hence this morning Jade had forgotten her sense of humour and called this ostrich a big overgrown neanderthal of a chicken. I wonder if she can outrun that ostrich with her one leg still in bandages.

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