Friday, 6 February 2015

Miracle of Birth

As proud expectant grandparents Paballo and I watched the miracle of a female black springbuck give birth. Who would have thought that labour would have taken over 3 hours and right outside our offices on the lawn? Now how can anyone be expected to work in these conditions.

Nicholas who looks after the wellbeing of the buck here at Bosasa’s Mogale Business Park in Krugersdorp, said that the mother springbuck can walk around for many hours while in labour, and only once she is certain that it is safe, she will lie down and give birth. While giving birth she will be surrounded by other buck who will alert her when danger approaches. So we decided to take refuge inside one of the offices and view through the tinted glass where mother can’t see us.

Here mommy springbuck finds a shady spot to lie down and give birth

With the coast clear so she lies down

Oh no RUN! Danger approaches, so off she runs, baby and all. During labour the head and front feet will pop out first. The other buck will gather and start licking the baby’s face clearing any mucus so the baby can breathe.

Coast is clear, and this time mother springbuck choses a spot right in front of us.

Others in the herd come closer to witness the birth of the herd’s latest member.

But it gets a bit crowded so daddy springbuck has to shoo them off

While daddy is seeing to the relatives, mommy decides labour is taking too much energy so she has to eat some grass.

Finally, time has come for baby to be born.

Dad and Midwife step in to ease the process

Time 11:46 Springbuck Jerome Jr arrives. Hey it wasn’t my idea to name the little sprog after me.

Ah mommy springbuck has had enough with this birth, somebody walks past near by and with danger so close, she starts to stand up and the last part of baby pops out.

Due to the inbreed fear of lions, mommy springbuck proceeds to eat the placenta. Baby springbuck Jerome Jr as he is now known, tries to get up as quickly as he can onto his feet before the lions come. And daddy, well he already has other plans with mommy.

Ahhh daddy springbuck wants to start the process of making another baby as soon as possible. Come on, give mommy a break, she has just given birth, I mean only seconds ago.

With daddy sorted out, now to make sure baby springbuck Jerome Jr all cleaned up

Time to find where mommy hides that yummy milk.

There is a new buck in town, going by the name JJ aka Jerome Jnr so watch this space.

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