Friday, 20 February 2015

His Master’s Salon

Never again, never again. Velile and I have this cultural exchange program going on and today Velile announced that we are going to Master’s Salon for a “Cheesekop” and shave. So off we went, two brave little souls to Kagiso for a cultural haircut and shave.

I went first for my “Cheesekop” haircut or as it was advertised on a board behind me as “Chiscop” for R10 and a shave for R5. I was seated by the barber’s apprentice as Master himself was busy with a lady client. Wow wrong move as the apprentice took to my head with the clippers as one would take a steel brush and started scrubbing my scalp over and over again.

I was just praying that when he finished a sensitive area that he wouldn’t go back, but my prayers weren’t answered. At times I was nearly in tears as the apprentice went over and over a now very raw scalp but being a big boy I wasn’t going to give Velile that satisfaction.

One part I remember Velile telling Master that this apprentice is a little heavy handed which the Master then chastised the young man who must then renewed his scrubbing with vigour. Afterwards the apprenticed sprayed spirits onto my now raw scalp and started polishing, eina. That was me over, forget the shave as if it is the same as my poor head then no ways.

So now it was Velile’s turn and I was sure that I would rather enjoy watching Velile’s torture than what I just endured it but sadly I didn’t get to see Velile suffer as he must be so used to this kind scalp torment by now that even even started falling asleep.

So now as my scalp is still on fire and am thinking where can I find a Mediterranean barber close by to show Velile how a shave is supposed to be done, with a cutthroat.

Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful head of mine will again experience the clippers of the Master's apprentice.


Anonymous said...

Don't be such a big baby, Jerome. Surely it wasn't that bad.

Anonymous said...

Such a girl, man up

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