Saturday, 7 February 2015

Busy Saturday

What a busy Saturday this was. Firstly we went to an Ingress First Saturday event held at Flora Farm in Boksburg. On the way there we picked up Dael and Matthew. We are part of the Northern Ninjas team who fights for the Resistance in this awesome global game. From left to right is Lynda aka BioniKat, me Jerome aka MaxyJade, Matthew aka MasterChiefZA, and Dael aka TaNkErGP.

The Enlightened outnumbered the Resistance at the First Saturday held at Montecasino where we just lost. We got our revenge the following week at the Darsana anomaly where we kicked butt. Today was the second First Saturday event for Johannesburg and 61 Enlightened turned up to face off against 70 Resistance fighters. Okay so I wonder what is the Enlightened’s excuse this time as they lost 5.9mil to our 7.6mil AP? Our scores were Lynda came in 11th out of the 70 Resistance players and overall 21st of all the 131 players. She had a score of 201,876, myself well I came 13th out of 70 and overall 24th out 131 with a score of 197,285, Dael 24th out of 70 and overall 38th out of 131, with a score of 154,234, bonus he managed to level up, and finally Matthew 26th out of 70 and overall 41st out of 131, with a score of 150,822. All I can say we did very well.

After an exhausting day of Ingress, we dropped off the kids and went up to Pretoria for Ella’s 30th birthday pool party, a Hawaiian Luau only to be greeted by a walking pineapple and a sea monster. So this is how my day is going to end. PARTY TIME!

We arrived late, well fashionably late and the party was well on its way. Just Adam was playing on the stage while revellers were in the pool cooling off after a typical summer thunderstorm.

We only knew a few people at the party, but merrymaking we did.

As it got dark, Duncan and Melanie, gave us an awesome display of fire dancing and fire breathing. What an end to a busy day.

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