Monday, 5 January 2015

The Secret Life of Johnny Bravo

In a world going crazy in the rush, I sat in the lush quiet gardens of Mogale City Business Park, closed my eyes and just breathed it all in. It wasn’t long when I heard some purring and opened my eyes to a crowned crane’s head a few centimetres from mine all inquisitive like. It was a defining moment. A moment I wanna live in without disruption.

I had just made a new friend. I reached out and stroked him for a while which I believe he must have enjoyed because he was purring. His crown felt like soft straw, while his short black tuff on his head had this velvet feel. I was fascinated with the lack of facial feathers, his cheeks were bare red and white skin. Not to forget his waddle aka red crop reminded me of Richard Fish character' in Ally McBeal's weird fetish for waddles. He would surely love this waddle.

After a while I headed back to my office and the crane walked long side me all the way right into my office.

At first I thought it was a girl crowned crane and named her Lucy but later I checked with the caretaker, Richard, who confirmed that she was a boy, so here is Johnny Bravo, who has this monkey type dance when he is seeking for my attention. Johnny Bravo didn't want to leave my side but I had to work. All day he circled our office building calling for me and trying to find a way in. When I went outside to console him, he chirped in excitement and bobbed his head up and down in a strange type of dance. So I flapped my arms and he flapped his wings, I was doing the monkey with Johnny Bravo.

Sometimes you really gotta live in the moment, enjoy the moment because that's what life's all about, isn't it! A new day is dawn, so open your eyes as the rhythm of the fresh year breaks free. This year dare to follow your dreams as much as your dreams have followed you so far.

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