Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Posers Ride Again

It was good day as the original Posers Scooter Club members rode again. With the weather threatening in the late afternoon I was sceptical going out on the Vespa this evening but luckily the weather cleared and turned out to be one of those memorable Posers SC evening rides.

Left to right is Martin, Magda, Paulo, Jerome, and Lynda.

We all met at The Schwarma Co in Norwood for a good dinner and a long catch up with four Vespas lined up outside on the pavement. Reminiscing on the good old days along with all the bad. Paulo was all smiles as he proudly showed us photographs of his little daughter Ariela who wasn't even in the picture last time the Posers met, not even a twinkle in Paulo and Shani's eyes. It was just good to be among friends and just let your hair down. It has been a long time since the Posers met and we vowed to make this meetup more regularly as we rode back home four abreast along quiet streets late at night hooting at prostitutes plying their trade while they waved back.

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