Wednesday, 21 January 2015

New Media Team

I have posted photos of our awesome New Media Team before but on an individual basis, this is the team together sans me who is taking the photo. From left to right is Noma our Content Strategist, Ella our Multimedia Designer, Mkuseli our Developer, and Paballo our Social Media specialist.

The Royal We decided to kick start our weekly Progress Meeting out of our comfort zone by having it at Mugg and Bean. Yes sure, having our meeting at a coffee restaurant was a big change and it made a huge difference as we, Bosasa's New Media Team not only want to be a well-oiled machine but also we want to be family. And like families do, look out for each other and help each other grow, personally, work, and spiritually.

Now to let the cat out of the bag, for Bosasa’s Year of Significance, our theme is to start this Year of Significance with our focus on Growth.

How are we going to take ourselves to the next level? 

Personally for the team, I want to grow from the level of where the team follows leadership because they have to, to a level where the team follows because they want to. Now look what I have done, made it public which means how many will now hold me accountable for making this growth happen? Let the growing begin.

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