Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Birds of Bosasa

As my readers may know by now, I work at eKayaMedia, the Design division of Bosasa, and that my office is situated at this awesome eco park called Mogale Business Park which is tucked away in a place least expected, Krugersdorp.

I have already posted many photographs of most of the beautiful creatures that can be seen while doing your work here at Bosasa. Some readers have enquired that with all the awesome things to see, how can I do my work? Well sadly you start getting used to the exquisiteness of your surroundings, forgetting that you once did the 8 to 5 slog downtown. So to help me not to get complacent, at lunch time today, I ventured deeper into the remoter areas of Bosasa and found this juvenile Golden Pheasant in the undergrowth.

Aaah my sweet birds of paradise, it is becoming harder to tear myself away from you.

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