Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Silver Birch Restaurant

I say Continental, you say Conintenental!

With all the load shedding of electricity what can you do? Stay at home, go out, but don’t try travel in traffic as all the light are out. I mean literary Eskom has let us down once again, they have dropped the ball. I mean what did South Africa use before candles? Electricity.

So we went out and found a spot that was between load shedding. Oh we can’t give Eskom credit for load shedding as it is just bad planning and management on their part, period. So we had a late Sunday lunch at The Silver Birch Restaurant inside Life Style Garden Centre. We ordered something light as one does when not knowing when Eskom would be ugly and turn off the lights. What caught our attention on their newly made menus was the spelling mistakes. Oh my word didn’t anyone spell check?

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Philip Kloppers said...

Spell check, or grammar check? Literary? 😜

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