Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Soweto Gospel Choir

Twas the night before Christmas, over 2000 years ago the Messiah, saviour of the world, was born unto a virgin. Although we don’t know the exact day when this life changing event happened, tomorrow is the day we give thanks to God for sending us his Son, Jesus. So today along with the Soweto Gospel Choir we celebrated and give God all the glory, Gloria in excelsis Deo, Glory to God in the highest.

So over 2000 years ago, a carpenter called Yosef, realising that his fiancée Miryam or as we know them nowadays as Joseph and Mary, was in serious trouble so he took her with him to Bethlehem as he was required to be there for the Roman Census. Yes she was heavily pregnant yet they were not married yet which means the looks and gossip amongst the neighbours must have cut to the bone. Yosef was not required to take Miryam with him to be counted in the census but to protect the love of his life, he took Miryam with him out of their village until the baby could be born and emotions simmer down.

They arrived at Yosef’s home town Bethlehem and went to the home of relatives as it was his home town where most of Yosef’s family stayed. But because of the census, a lot of the family had arrived so sleeping space was minimal. So they chose a place down stairs where the animals were kept safely and warm. Here Miryam and the wise women folk of Yosef’s family prepared for the birth of the new addition to their family in private out of the way of the men who were catching up on news as one does when there is no internet and you haven’t seen each other in months if not years.

Yes this story is most likely not quite like you thought it would be. No Father Christmas, no Christmas trees and egg nog, no presents, and certainly what mother would allow cows to lick a new born baby. The culture in the time of Yeshu'a ben Yosef was all about family, hospitality, and community because things were tough under the Roman iron shod feet but God was good and is the same today. So the King of the world was born into the hands of a skilled midwife into a home filled with laughter and community which makes it the more authentic. God with us, the greatest gift of all time.

And as the Soweto Gospel Choir leads us, glory to God in the Highest, gloria in excelsis Deo.

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