Monday, 1 December 2014

Princess of Sheba

Walking through the gardens of Mogale Business Park during lunch time, keeping well clear of the swan pair and their cygnets, I was surprised to stumble upon the three female Nyala. The Nyala weren’t the surprise but the fawn that was with them. I wonder how I missed this little one before.

Oh yes, now I remember, as in the wild Nyala are bashful creatures and these kept to themselves hidden in the vegetation. Sorry but this is the best I could get of the Princess of Sheba with my point and shoot camera which is at most times carried with me where ever I go. You can see the three concerned mommies in the shadow behind baby.

Princess Sheba as I am now calling her is beautiful was inquisitive, and seemed torn between following the three females into the undergrowth and this animal called a human. I wish I could have stayed longer with them but I didn’t want to spook them any further.

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