Thursday, 25 December 2014

Family Hospitality Community

It is Christmas Day, and like I mentioned yesterday Christmas for us is not about a fat man dressed in red and presents for all. No it is all about God becoming man, and we celebrate this day with family, hospitality, and community. It is sad how the world is trying to distort the fact by bringing in myths and untruths about what really happened.

Who cares if the 25 December is not the actual day that Yeshu’a ben Yosef the Messiah or as he is well known today as Jesus Christ, was born. It is significant that he was born and was killed some 30 years later by being nailed to a wooden cross. Although everyone was born and later to die, it is very important to us that Yeshu’a walked out of the tomb alive 3 days later. God with us, the greatest gift of all time.

So in remembrance to our King being born, we dedicate this day to Him by being with family and friends and together remembering God, friends and family who have gone from this world, and just enjoy being in the company of loved ones.

Today all my friends and family were far away, but that didn’t stop Matthew and I to hold our own remembrance. Thankfully Anthony and his wife Hellene, plans changed so they too managed to join us for the day. As you can see above, Anthony is checking on the braai while we relax on the veranda.

So we wish you a God and family filled Christmas Day.

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