Saturday, 13 December 2014

Darsana Pretoria

Last night it was like quiet before the storm, I mean I quietly prepared all our equipment, checked, and then double checked our stock levels. We were ready!

Pretoria was selected as a satellite site for Darsana XM Anomaly in support of the primary site at Barcelona Spain. I can’t speak for the Enlightened but the Resistance has been eagerly preparing for weeks now. Getting stock levels up, training in teams, and putting out disinformation to try getting the Enlightened off balance and not focused. And it seemed to work.

The Enlightened only managed to field 56 what could now be called brave little green frogs against the Resistance who said enough is enough as 106 highly trained blue Smurfs stood up. As I can only speak for our team Northern Ninjas, along with all the other Resistance teams we simply stopped the frogs mid hop.

For Cluster 1, Dispatch sent our team with about 3 others down to the two sub-clusters far from the main sub-clusters where we found only 1 frog team in place. A huge green field appeared covering the entire area with anchors 1000s of km away, too far send anyone to take out. But this just made us more determined as now we could not let a single portal fall. Two volatile portals appeared in the two sub-clusters we were at and the frogs simply found them out smarted, out played, and out matched.

Next it was off to Cluster 2 were our team got to our sub-cluster early. Soon afterwards 2 frogs appeared followed by the rest of our teams to the remaining sub-clusters. The volatile portal appeared in the sub-cluster right next to ours. It looked like the Enlightened’s game plan changed as suddenly re-enforcements arrived at the volatile in mass. So 2 of our team stayed at our allocated portals while the rest shifted slightly over to protect the volatile. Evenly matched over this disputed portal we out played the frogs once again with strategy.

I wasn’t sure that the Enlightened would take any of these defeats lying down as the Northern Ninjas arrived to look after a single portal tucked out the way in Cluster 3. Once again we found the volatile located in our section. This time we were outnumbered by 1 frog, and these weren’t any tadpoles, these were the heavy hitters. It was a hard battle but the tide turned suddenly when 2 frogs decided they had enough and left. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen as we are going to be barbequing some frog’s legs tonight.

After that tough win we headed for Cluster 4 which we knew it would be difficult as most of the portals were close to each other. As before the volatile appeared in our sub-cluster but under another Resistance teams area but because the portals were so close we couldn’t help but put our weight into the volatile denying the frogs anything.

In the end we just did not give the Enlightened any space to breathe. Final score for Darsana Pretoria is Resistance 212 and Enlightened 12.6 Whitewash, no sorry bluewash. We left all these green frogs blue with envy.

Final score:
Barcelona Resistance 910 Enlightened 786
Stuttgart Resistance 457 Enlightened 293
Pretoria Resistance 212 Enlightened 12.6 (Note the frogs only got 12)
Toulouse Resistance 142 Enlightened 145

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Dominique Snyman said...

We might have been feeling a little blue... but it might have just been the rainy weather... but never with envy ��������

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