Monday, 3 November 2014

Johannesburg Traffic Jam

No doubt many of you my readers have either heard about the terrible rush hour traffic jams in Johannesburg or even have your own horror stories to tell.

Traffic has all gotten worse with the eTolls pushing traffic onto the side roads but that is not all, now we hear that a Eskom coal storage silo has collapse damaging a feeding conveyor system at Majuba power station. With this setback, Eishkom has announced load shedding which means traffic lights will be out. But as things are up here in Jozi, traffic lights have a mind of their own and heaven forbid if it rains as we have the only water phobia traffic lights in the world. And here comes the rain on cue.

So how has your Monday been in this chaos? Well it is day two of our move to our new home and above this is my traffic jam. Far from the normal madding traffic jams, I get stuck behind some Farmer Brown and his livestock.

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