Friday, 7 November 2014

All Aboard the Yizo Yizo Express

Yizo yizo this is it, all aboard the Yizo Yizo Express to escape to the place where we dream of, a place that we will find comfort and safety. That is what a lot of children that find themselves in conflict of the law dream about, a change of scenery from the four high walls and bars that they find themselves behind.

This brightly coloured painting was painted by a young boy who found himself at one of the Bosasa Youth Centres, a place of safety where children who find themselves in conflict with the law are kept. Along with scenes of his childhood, he painted a bus with the destination Polokwane, a large city far to the north of Johannesburg. On the side is painted Yizo Yizo Express, Yizo Yizo means this is it. Yes this is what this young child is dreaming about as he painted this picture. This is it a way back home. All aboard the Yizo Yizo Express.

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