Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Why do superheroes wear capes?

Although not all superheroes wear a cape, the cape may have functional uses as protection or even it can be used as a disguise. The earliest superhero that I can think back to that wore a cape was Zorro and other than cloak and dagger I can’t really find any use for his cape other than tripping over it. Nothing inspires me about Superman’s cape. Batman’s cape was bullet proof, but it wasn’t what was underneath the cape that defined him, now was it.

Wayne, our latest addition to our super hero family here at eKayaMedia, he started as a Brand Co-Ordinator and has yet to prove he is a superhero worthy to wear the Bosasa brand. Although he shares the name of Batman, I hope he doesn’t wear a cape when he is home. Anyway we wish him all the best using his super powers to achieve and grow within our team.

So who is your superhero and does he wear a cape? My favourite marvel comic hero from my youth was Nightcrawler, in the 2000AD comics my favourite was Rogue Trooper, and none of them wore a cape. Ahhh but wait one of my superheroes does wear a cape, Dark Wing Duck, he used his cape as a disguise of sorts.

What does a subatomic duck say?


DW, let’s get dangerous!

1 comment:

Wayne said...

Glad to join the group of Superheroes here at Bosasa. Will ensure I get my gold plated cape

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