Friday, 5 September 2014

The Big Fat Greek Wedding

Oh no Big Fats nor any Greeks but there was a wedding and a Greek Restaurant called “As Greek as it Gets” involved in my day.

My matrimonial day actually started three days ago when I received an SMS from my brother Anthony, “Hi Jerome, I’m getting married on the 4th, Friday, at court at 9:00am”, I choked on my tea, what, married this Friday! I then got him on the phone and asked him if this was a wedding invite or was he just being courteous and telling me that he was getting married.

So I left early this morning to get to Cullinan way to the north east of Gauteng. It was soon after I left that I had to toss my timings out of the car as I hit road works. Somewhere in Pretoria I realised that I wouldn’t make it in time. I arrived at the marriage court at 9:15 with my brother and his wife still waiting to get all their papers in order. About 10:30 we finally got shuffled into the marriage court.

Now today being Casual Day and the theme was Bling, I wasn’t expecting to see the marriage officer dressed in a red dress and silver chains hanging from her neck. At the end of one of the silver chains was a large silver marijuana leaf. Yes a large silver dagga leaf in court, nice move. Bling!

Okay back to the wedding at hand. After the formalities were over, rings swopped and spit, no sorry the kiss to seal their love, Anthony and Helene and the few guests went down to the old part of Cullinan for photos and lunch at the Greek Restaurant called “As Greek as it Gets”. The Greek proprietor, Stavros made us kalosorisate, most welcome and treated us like part of his family.

To Anthony and Helene, may your big fat Greek wedding lead to a blessed life full of love.

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