Sunday, 28 September 2014

Mc Nab

There has been a drought of some sorts in KwaZulu-Natal since last summer and we decided to travel back up to Johannesburg towing an open trailer with Lynda’s stuff that remained after the sale of her house. Just as we were about to leave soft rain started falling. We said our goodbyes and took the final photos of the Mc Nab family, Greg, Hilton, and Lynda, before braving a soft drizzle. The light rain lasted well up into the midlands. It was looking like it wasn’t our day but eventually the clouds lifted and so did our spirits as the rain stopped.

After Harrismith our hopes were dashed as the clouds burst open but we just pressed on that was until the traffic came to a standstill from an earlier accident. While waiting for the traffic to clean, the clouds added insult to injury by spitting hail down upon us.

Once passed Villiers the traffic cleared up along with the rain as this too became a distant memory.

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