Saturday, 20 September 2014


For the last month or two, my left arm has been behaving improper such as having pins and needles for no apparent reason. Last night my arm started to produce a dull ache as if I have been over enthusiastically throwing a ball with my left arm. The pins and needles had also increased so much so I started to worry. With no other symptoms such as chest pain, the signs were that I must have had a heart attack some time back. So in I went to get myself checked out.

The ECG or Electrocardiogram and my blood pressure results came back normal so they siphoned off some blood to check for signs of cardio markers. Now I wait.

In the meanwhile I have been told by the doctor that I have to book an appointment with a neurologist. I didn’t know that my brain was causing this pain in my left arm. I would have thought a cardiovascular specialist would be more what the doctor ordered, but no a neurologist?

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