Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Cleaning Windows

A friend of mine who works in Dubai recently posted photos on her Facebook page of window cleaners suspended outside high rise buildings cleaning windows. I have heard the horror stories from the dark side of Dubai.

I am not taking about the Emiratis who rule like the slave masters of the past nor am I talking about the Expats like my friend and many others from the Western world now working in Dubai but about the unscrupulous side that enslave migrant workers as cheap labour. The Middle Eastern Shangri-la rose up out of the tumbleweeds and desert sands but behind the façade, hidden from view are the down trodden worker bees who built the city like the window cleaners in the photos of my friend.

Oh no I am procrastinating as I sit in my office, watching Jane, clean my office windows while my thoughts drift to those window cleaners in Dubai. Oh well my windows are nice and clean now so back to work I go.

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