Saturday, 9 August 2014

What Jokers?

It is now day 6 and ominous clouds are building up, getting heavy laden with rain, the thatches start rushing their work and tempers are flaring. Branderings are being broken and I had to step in once again when they cut down some young trees to be used as replacement banderings. I contacted the landlord told him that it was unacceptable what was happening. He went and brought new banderings so that the thatching could continue.

Halfway through the day tempers got so hot that punches flew amongst the thatches and we had to step in to separate them.

Double Sigh!

Jokers to the left and jokers to the right. Where did the landlord find these people? With no supervision this is how the thatch is looking from the inside. On the left is what the old thatch looks like and on the right is the mess done by these clowns. I think I am suffering from Coulrophobia!

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