Saturday, 23 August 2014

This is what we call trees

Ever wondered what trees look like? Well in the Mpumalanga, this is what the locals call trees. Well they just look exactly like what we in the big city call trees, matter of fact they are pine trees to be precise.

This weekend we headed down the escapement to the slowveld away from the bustle of the city. It was pleasure mixed with business, touring Nelspruit, Sabie, Pilgrims Rest, Graskop, Hazyview, and White River, visiting family, and playing Ingress. So it the sleepy hollow of Nelspruit has become a sprawl of a city overflowing the bowl over the surrounding hills. The shock was all the prostitutes that lined up the road towards Sabie.

Sabie was still the same quiet town with a busy road through. Pilgrims Rest has become a Goats Town with hawkers accosting you at every turn. Sad sad end to what was a tourist trap. Not worth even a tourist visit. It goes to show how the greed of a few messes it all up for the Pilgrim Resters. Graskop has become the tourist honey trap in the area. Hazyview still is a dirty town and not worth mentioning. And White River is still well a White River.

Well back to the trees and the sign which we saw outside Sabie, as we city folk can’t see the wood from the trees and the locals cut down trees to make sign boards to teach us what we already know.

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