Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Musical Fountains

When it happens it all happens at once and you can only try your best to juggle and keep as many balls in the air. The surface of our thatch roof was only to be removed and replaced but now all of it has been removed and it just keeps on going.

On Monday my sister and her family down Nelspruit had their home sacked, Tuesday was my best friend’s turn down in Hilton as he and his elderly mom were held up in their home, and then there is today, another home sacked, this time a friend and his family in Kempton Park. The worst part was that they took his wife’s bible which she uses frequently. So what happens now?

Another night in a hotel room when they all start looking the same. This is starting to cost us dearly. Even the musical fountains struggled to cheer us up. When will life play another tune that this time we can joyfully sing along to? Hopefully by Friday we can return home and when my ship finally comes in, it will be just my luck that I would be at the airport.

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