Sunday, 10 August 2014

Mark Day 7

Day 7 and the thatching is still not complete with holes everywhere. The clowns didn’t put back the canvas to cover the remaining holes which meant another night under the stars. Thankfully the rain stayed at bay. When it does come, the rain that is, surely this roof is still going to leak as any layperson would tell you with one look that it is does not look right. Surely this entire half of the roof needs to be redone by a professional team of thatches.

The jokers didn’t return today, maybe they had to go to church and ask for forgiveness for the shoddy workmanship. Talking about church, I too had to go as I was on usher duty. I waited with a black cloud over my head as long as I could before leaving for BBC. Here is my old friend, Mark, trying to bring back a smile to my face, as this has been a miserable weekend with literary no roof over our heads. I must say Mark did try even though he works for a company based in Redmond, but he is a very good friend none the less.

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