Monday, 4 August 2014

Lion Myth Busters

On Friday afternoon, when leaving Mogale Business Park, I had the pleasure to stumble upon a springbuck giving birth. After watching life unfold before me for a little while, I left to report it to the groundsman.

This morning I noticed some grounds staff herding the pair of zebras at the park. I went off to query about the new born baby, one of the grounds staff said that three had been born with the third one this very morning. He also went on to tell me that the zebras were on a mission to kill the babies.

Now I need to find out if this is a myth or not. From what I have been told that zebras in order to protect themselves, they will kill any baby not their own in a herd in fair of attracting lions. Now we have all seen zebras in mixed herds along with buck and wildebeests surely this can’t be true.

I am not sure if the zebras managed to kill the babies but I do know the zebra pair were darted and relocated to our other facility down the road for the safety of the baby Springbucks.

The closest lions are about 10 kilometres away. Obviously the anti-lion deprogramming didn’t work on the zebras, or maybe they know something I don’t. Myth or not, this has got me got me looking over my shoulder for lions.

Two of the baby springbucks were killed by the zebra serial killers before they could be caught and relocated. Their excuse is that they heard lions roaring and were afraid. The only surviving one is the one born this morning.

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