Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Enlightened shall not pass

This evening a group of Resistance players met at Montecasino in Fourways for a Ingress Social and what Ingress players do a lot, hacking.

Standing at the back are InsaneSplash, thr4sh3r, MaxyJade, and Meekk. Around the table starting at the front and going clockwise are BioniKat, GuardianAlpha, RiggerMortiz, NymphMel, Gazzadbn, and our Ingress visitor from France Srr91919.

We are all L8 and upwards Resistance fighters well except for our French Resistance member who is a L6 soon to be L8. With all this muscle, this meant we quickly had a L8 popup farm and we milked it dry. Comments did the rounds that this was the most successful popup farm in a long time. Well done for the organisers.

We are the Resistance. The enlightened shall not pass!


stéphane raux said...

Hi Jerome,
Glad to see the evidence that it was not a dream !
3 level8 portals to hack while chatting with good company and sipping beers on a winter.

Say hello to other guests when you got the occasion.


Stephane "srr91919"

Jerome West said...

Not a dream. Great to have you in South Africa Stephane, helping the Resistance.

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