Thursday, 14 August 2014

Billy the Kid Returns

It is all about getting back up onto the horse after you have just fallen off, yip the best teacher is the last mistake that you made.

With the serial killer zebras out of the way, another springbuck gave birth today and I think I shall call her Norma Jean. Today was the 10th and last day of the thatches and they cleaned up their mess. And finally it was the House Drama Competition at Matthew’s school, which meant a long trek east but it was all worth it.

Matthew was one of the lead supporting actors in his school house Oxford play called Billy the Kid Returns. And they won the drama competition, yeehaw! It was good to see Matthew enjoying himself amongst friends, where I pegged him as a reserved young man, boy was he in his element. Speaking to another of the Oxford team’s actresses, Savannah, about Matthew, she said “Oh, he is one of the popular boys”. Afterwards while Matthew was excitedly speaking to us about the drama, some parents came up to him and congratulated him on his performance, saying things like that he was such a natural. And there I was just soaking it up.

Today’s photo is of the lead actor, Luvuyo, at the opening scene of Billy the Kid Returns. During the excitement afterwards while holding up their just won drama trophy, I heard Luvuyo say to Matthew, something along these lines ”you did good tonight” and I can’t agree more. Well done Matthew, and a big well done to the Oxford Drama Team.

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