Friday, 11 July 2014

Rob’s New Chariot

After last night’s electricity fiasco, I wasn’t in a good mood this morning. I mean we had four people over for dinner and the electricity used on the property was way more than it was designed for. Not that it is the land lord’s problem as he puts more and more people onto this property. It has become more money for him but a slum for us, hence my foil mood this morning when I approached him.

The land lord’s answer to the problem is to put in pre paid units for all tenants. Uhmmm what an inconvenience as our contract states rent includes lights and water, plus rent went up a few months back. Now I have to budget his unplanned cost.

That was my start of the day but arriving at work all that awful mood was put behind me. Rob has been eyeing out this Audi for a while now and today he said that today is the day that the Audi becomes his. And here it is, the silver monster. Well I wish awesome travels for Rob and his family in his new silver chariot.

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