Friday, 25 July 2014

Bosasa Dzunisani Hosi

This evening Bosasa held a Power of Prayer evening at the Imbizo which is situated in the centre of the Mogale Business Park. The world is full of troubles and it is hard to see the good from the right but let everything praise the Lord. My heart is crying for the Christians in Palestine, the Lord God has heard your prayer, has seen your suffering, and has remembered your faithfulness. Soon the Messiah will return, soon.

And all we can do is pray into the situation and praise I AM as he is in control. Praise the Lord. Prys die Here. Dumisani uJehova. Bayethe Mhlekazi. Louez le Seigneur. Bokang Jehova. Louvado seja o Senhor. Kafu Afetor. Bakang Jehofa. Yabo ya tabbata ga Ubangiji, Dvumisani Simakadze, Tonu Ja, Msifuni Bwana. Mwebwe mukora. Rumbidzai Jehovha. Ka Yâwɛɛ láa maa tɛ́. Dumisani uSomnini. Mwathani Agoshwo. Shangazaleni Shukulu Kalunga. Mukama yebazibwe. Rabbiga ammaana. Hambeleleni Omuwa. Ruoth opaki. Nhyira nka Awurade. Dzunisani Hosa. The whole of Africa praises the Lord God.

I am not but I know I AM.

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