Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Youth Development Centres

Bosasa looks after a number of Youth Development Centres around the country. In a nut shell these are the places where a judge will send troubled youngsters for rehabilitation. After spending sometime in an orphanage as a young boy, I don't have any good thoughts about social workers. I mustn't let my dark past, cloud my judgment on these youth centres as I have no idea what goes on in there other than the Bosasa and the Department of Social Development's corporate stance but I am hoping to visit sometime in the future to give a more in-depth blog post.

Next door to my office in the Mogale Business Park is the Bosasa Youth Development Centres' offices and this is where I took this photograph of wire artwork made at one of the centres. Little by little, I will gather my courage to face a social worker tolling away in this office next to mine.

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