Friday, 13 June 2014

District 10 Prawns

Not far from Soweto where the movie District 9 was firmed, on Friday 13, I walked through the damp, humid corridors of the future to find laboratory scientists peering into glass beakers and microscopes. No, not the alien prawns from District 9 where not the laboratory subjects but their smaller cousins, the Dendrobranchiata.

Now days it is hard to find disease free prawns these days, so this is why extra care and control is taken while they are flown in from their environmentally controlled hatcheries in Florida, and placed into top secret Bio-Secure Nurseries for about a month before being placed into Grow Out Tanks. Grow out to what? Full sized prawns!

Hello, little guy! It's the sweetie man coming! In this glass beaker are a few millimetre long prawns along with their food the Brine Shrimp. Remember that Sea Monkey craze a few decades back, well they were the Brine Shrimp, in other words, food for prawns. Welcome to District 10. The Non-Humans are here!

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