Monday, 16 June 2014


Today is Youth Day and part of a long weekend of Birthdays and Fathers’ Day. We stayed overnight at A’Rustica Guesthouse in the suburb of Cashan in Rustenburg under the Magaliesburg Mountains. Interesting to find the suburb named after the original name of these mountains. First called Cashan, these mountains were named after the Kwena Mnatau chief Kgwashwane until the name change in 1840.

Anyway I am digressing, we were looked after by Paul (shown above) and his mother Anne-Marie at A’Rustica, a par excellence guesthouse. Now I have stayed at a number of Bed & Breakfast places and what puts an establishment apart is their detail to the smaller things. At first A’Rustica came across simply as a normal luxury B&B but when walking into the breakfast room the next morning, I found the details in the smaller things done to perfection.

Luxury and attention to the little big details gives A’Rustica Guesthouse in the Cashan Mountains a big thumbs up.

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