Saturday, 10 May 2014

Kings Hire Fail

Well today was supposed to be an enjoyable day at the annual airshow held at the Swartkops SAAF Museum but the SAAF and Kings Hire sure let them down.

The weather turned out perfect but the usual lack of government budget, only a single Saab Gripen and the Silver Falcons from the South African Airforce flew. The rest of the flying displays was from the historic museum aircraft and the ones in private hands.

Shown above is an Aerostar Yak 52 and an Antonov An-2 sitting on the tarmac. Now I enjoyed going to airshows but this one didn't move me at all. Yes it was good to see all the old flying machines but so sad that our proud airforce hasn't got the money to fly any more. I remember from a few years back that this was an airshow worth coming to and of course all the money went to supporting the museum.

And the cherry on top of it all so to speak was that of Kings Hire, which supplied all the toilet facilities but neglected to supply running water to allow users to be able to wash their hands. Disgusting and put me totally off. Big fail.

So in the air enthusiast circles, there is talk that the world’s second oldest airforce is now just an expensive limousine service for the elite ruling party cronies and can no more serve the beloved country. Well I still have hope but not much from what I experienced today. All we can do is to wait and see if the big airshow in September will be an improvement. Don't hold your breath.

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