Saturday, 17 May 2014

Heavenly Squishy Face

No it is no duck face but Matthew’s interpretation of a squishy face. It is good to have Matthew again after three weeks, yip three weeks too long.

And we had a busy day. First it was off Ingressing on our way to Northgate to get Matthew’s Discovery Vitality card so that he can see free movies at Ster-Kinekor up to the age of 18. But Ster-Kinekor’s system was off line so he had to go to the mall in Fourways. Afterwards we played some more on Ingess.

In the evening, we went and saw the movie Heaven is for Real. I wasn’t sure what to expect for this movie but I was looking forward to it. I must say that they tried to please everyone and I would have like to have seen God’s message of Grace and Redemption shining through but sadly it didn't. Well, I suppose that if it did the disciples of Richard Dawkins would be their usual militant selves.

What I did like was that real feelings of the pastor Todd, yes I do know what it is like to get angry at God. True human emotions came through with Heaven is for Real. How would I have felt if it was my son that visited Heaven? Would I believe him? Would you?

Go watch the movie and make your own mind up if he went to Heaven


Anonymous said...

Hi Jerome its Joyce from remember carisbrook am following you. I like

Jerome West said...

Yes I remember Joyce. Especially the time soon after you came to SA, Matthew came and sat down next to you and wanted to be your friend.

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