Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Gillis Hannibal

I am not quite done photographing everyone in the eKayaMedia office, as there are still a handful in the Signage Department that I haven't got to. Now Gillis heads up the A Team or that is what the Signage call themselves. Shall we call Gillis, Hannibal the leader of the motley crew of the A Team. Well it better not be the cannibal Hannibal.

For the A Team there is no Plan B, and they love it when a plan comes together. Every time I see them, they are scurrying around like busy bees making things just happen and Gillis makes it all fall into place. Crazy fool don't let Gillis' smile mislead you, when you want an unpleasant job to be done, the A Team is just the team for you. No questions asked. Now I am starting to wonder who BA Baracus, Face, or even crazy Murdock is in the team.

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