Thursday, 8 May 2014

Back to PRASA

Going back to Metrorail, Park Station, and PRASA was like going down memory lane. I had arranged a meeting with Leon, my old team-mate from MIS, and also to make contact with N from PRASA Cres who along with me are the only two people who know the location of the secret passage joining the Blue Room and the platforms of Park Station.

This passage was sealed up in the late 1950s and remained a time vault since then. I last took a small group of the Joburg Photowalkers down there in 2010 and now another small group of the Photowalkers wants to go down, hence my visit back to PRASA.

Arriving at Umjantsi House, I bumped into more old colleagues from my PRASA ICT days, here is Helen and Thoko.

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