Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring Summer Automn Winter

Okay, am I seeing correctly? Is it Autumn or Automn? This is a street sign in Rivonia, Johannesburg at the corner of Autumn and Spring Streets. All the roads in this part of the suburb are named after the seasons. One part the road is called Autumn Road and after it rounds the bend it is called Automn Street. Now I wonder when this mistake crept into the system, or is it a mistake. The pole looks very rusty and old. I checked on Google Maps and on the Garmin, the entire road is called Autumn Road although on Mapquest's Open Street Map, the mistake is repeated. Eish!

Oh and another thing, our only power supplier, Eskom, started with its load sheading. All of a sudden the entire city had its power switched off. The weak excuse given by Eishkom was that it's coal reserves are too wet due to the excessive rain in the past few days. An interesting note is that Eskom's slogan is "Powering your world", that must be the biggest lie ever. All Eskom is bringing us is blackouts. Maybe they should change it to "Hello darkness my old friend".

Eish! Welcome to South Africa!

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