Monday, 10 March 2014

Ladybug Fahrenheit Don’t Impress

Yes, I know this aren't a Ladybird aka Coccinellidae, but a Ladybird wannabe which looks something of a cross with a Stinkbug aka Pentatomidae. This little bug is aspiring to a beautiful ladybird but all it needs is to come out and be the bug it ought to be. Don't impress me much.

This little bug was photographed outside my work taking shelter from the persistent rain. Later on, I had to drive in the pouring rain, east, to Benoni, for the final briefing of Matthew's Thailand Sports Tour. It was late when we finished up and we still had the 2 hour trek but home in the rain ahead of us, so we stopped for supper at Fahrenheit Seafood and Grill. We have been bombarded with streetlamp advertising of this small group of restaurants here in the northern suburbs. So we decided to try it out.

Yes, Monday's tend not to bring out the best of restaurants, but we were cold and wet. Expecting warmth, this family restaurant didn't light our fire. Arriving on a rainy Monday night, we expected a quieter evening, but sadly for us they seated us in the birthday section as every so often the waiters/ses belted out in their version of "Happy Birthday" very similar to Spur's version but without the drums. Maybe we should have asked them to move us but we kind of was hoping it would be the last one. The recipients of the sing song were generally pleased with the attention but welcome to our Fahrenheit hell.

Lynda was tired and only wanted something light and went with the Chicken Breast Lemonato, whereas I decided to test one their specials, the Fillet steak, which they displayed all around Johannesburg. Although the restaurant wasn't busy enough to cause any train smash in the kitchen our food was delivered to us cold, well expect for the bake potatoes which I didn't even order. After querying the bake potato, my potato wedges finally arrived cold and soggy with oil. Lynda's chicken dish was a cold slop as well and she was not impressed much. At least she enjoyed her Caresse Marine Sauvignon Blanc which turned out to be the only redeeming factor of Fahrenheit Seafood and Grill.

Maybe it was Monday, maybe it was the rain which put the damper on Fahrenheit's flame. Like the Ladybug, this family restaurant is trying to be something else but tonight it failed to aspire. Don't impress me much.

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