Saturday, 1 February 2014

Jade and the Rescues

The rain has washed out the Greyhound Rescue Meetup at Walkhaven and postponed till next month. A few eager sight hounds still wanted to stretch their legs, so our pack headed out to Walkhaven.

The weather had lifted and other sight hounds had the same idea which meant that a large number of Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds turned up, oh and I am sure I saw a few Saluki, a Whippet and a Borzoi. Seeing the Whippet sure pulled at my heart as my mind went straight back to Skye, my beautiful Whippet who crossed over last month.

He was a playful Whippet and would have enjoyed it here with the other sight hounds. But I was brought straight earth with sight hounds flying around at speed and play. Here is little Jade, posing for the camera like a little princess, she is and then she’s off causing after another iggie.

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