Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Home Jerome

Late yesterday afternoon, one of the phase connections between our offices and the municipality burned out. Last time this happened we had no electricity for 4 days.

Arriving at work this morning, as expected the electricity was still off, well part of it. In our office, we had no power from the sockets but had lights whereas next door had no lights but power from the sockets. A plan was in motion to get a long extension lead from next door just so that we can power up our computers.

While waiting, I browsed the local newspaper, and wham, the universe was trying to connect and tell me something. On page 7 of the Leisure section, is the heading “A good reason to stay home Jerome”. What? Did I read that correctly? I studied the movie review under the heading and it had nothing to do with the bizarre heading. Was this the universe trying to tell me to go home, Jerome? Uhmmm.

Yip, time to go home, put my feet up, and snack on some Jelly Belly and Bubbly chocolate.

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