Sunday, 12 January 2014

Not All What It Seems

My remaining pack of 3 Italian Greyhounds and a rescue Jack Russell, were way overdue for their walk but I am now so scared going out of our haven, in case one of my dogs pick up something. But I was torn between my grief from my loss of Skye and the ignoring the rest of my pack. Time to wake up and smell the roses, it time to walk my pack again and get a life.

Arriving at the Kingfisher Park in Fourways, I found the park in a bad state with grass so long that it I could not dare allow my pack walk there. It was getting late in the afternoon and I wasn’t in the mood to drive to Delta or Emmerentia so I eventually ended up at the Lonehill Park. I haven't been there for over 5 years because it wasn't friendly to Italian Greyhounds due to no fencing at the roads at either end and Maxy loved to just run and run. But this time I am very confident with my pack will stay close to me and listen.

I was pleasantly surprise how beautiful it was there. My pack behaved and stayed close. One side of the lake at Lonehill Park was covered in these green hyacinth that it looked like a beautiful flat lawn to race on, so did my pack think. Each one of my pack tried to run on the water only to find themselves swimming. Here is Podge and Patch finding that the grass is not all what it seems.

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