Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Confused Putty Tat

This putty tat, who hitched a ride under a pantechnicon trailer, was rescued by Lynda's son, Dael, down in Durban. He started life as Chase but then he found his way to our home and he was discovered the he was a she and her name was changed to Monkey due to her love of climbing everything and was often found in the rafters. Monkey’s name was shortened to Minky which was a more elegant name for our princess.

Now you too will be a confused as a putty tat if your named was changed so often or you started as a he only to find yourself a she. Now I am starting to wonder if Minky thinks that she is a dog. Here she is with Podge. I tat I taw a puddytat. I tat I taw another puddytat. I did, I did! I taw two puddytats. Have you two puddytats met?

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