Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Back To Work

It is back to work I go, I owe, I owe. Yip I have being back at work now since Monday but my loss yesterday over saturated my hours with grief. When I received that phone call about 10am yesterday, I was so shocked that couldn't even talk to the vet at all. I had to walk out of my open plan office outside where the tears and howling started. Why did this have to happen? After pulling myself together, I made a few phone calls and left to fetch Skye. On the way across the city, my shock turned to anger. I wanted to blame someone. I don't have much memory of the conversations I had with the vet but I do recall something about Skye having a heart attack because of fluid around his heart. I have blamed my work, the vets, and myself. But who else can I blame other than myself?

I am trying to keep myself busy while at work but the time I spent with Skye seems the focus now. Looking through my blog post over the last few weeks, one thing is apparent, most of them are of Skye. Now I better put up another type of a back to normal post, although nothing is normal anymore without Skye.

Back at the office the content team is Delia-less, and today the team of Noma, Marco and Litha, dived straight into the deep end to strategise the few months ahead. While on the technical side, that’s me, I have been uber busy running reports which have helped me from crashing and burning into depression.

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