Monday, 2 December 2013

Wheel Bearings

Last week sometime my pickup's wheel bearings starting moaning and I was hoping to limp it along until my leave which arrives in 18 days time at which time I can repair it myself. But this morning on the way to work it suddenly got worse so I had to turn around and head back. I spoke to the mechanic who repaired my car last time to see if he could squeeze my pickup in but no he was too busy. This means that I had to do it myself so I bought the spares and headed home.

On arriving home I saw my landlord's mechanic on the property and asked him if he could do it for me. Perfect timing but I ended up late for work on my Vespa. Anyway arriving at work, I found that we have a new colleague in the Content Department. So this is why there is a photo of Marco instead of something from my bad start to the Monday.

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