Wednesday, 30 October 2013

On The Prowl

What's with these cat people? Don't they realise that when cats go on the prowl they become murderous. Yes according to a research done by the University of Georgia and the National Geographic, one out of three cats are serial killers, averaging about two kills per week. The study was done on well fed, domesticated house cats which means that cats were not killing for survival, they were doing it for fun.

According to the statistics, 28 million cats are murder serial killers and the total body count from domestic house cats every year is 2,912,000,000. Now if cats were killing people, then every year they would wipe out 41% of the human population. If I remember correctly, there is a movement in New Zealand to eradicate domestic cats because of the damage they are doing to the local wildlife with a number of species going extinct due to our furry friend, the serial killer cat. Or maybe we should allow the evil cat to start wiping out the humans as it is we humans who endanger more species than them.

Shocked that your putty tat is a serial killer? Next time you should call your cat Ripper, Chikatilo, Bundy, Delia, Hector, or even Dexter.

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