Sunday, 22 September 2013

Back in the Old Country

Going back to the old country was like driving into the twilight zone. You see familiar places and faces but all have gotten older even me. It is Sunday morning and I walked into a chapel from my distance past and everyone is so happy to see me. Friendships continue as if they never left off. Kids I once knew are all grown up with kids of their own.

The old folks, those who are still around are a little older; with a few more wrinkles and a bit greyer but other than that nothing much has changed except me. For I have grown sideways, the naughty face still the same but the body has grown. Here a special person in my young life, Aunty Kathy. I wonder how many hours of prayer has Kathy prayed for me? Must have been lots, but here I am and it is good to see her and her husband Uncle Ronnie after all these years.

And as we sing a hymn dating from 1933, memories of us when we were kids running amok come flooding back. And as I stand singing “Only Trust Him” I know I am back in the old country.

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