Sunday, 25 August 2013

Waste of a Weekend

Here I was in my bed for the whole weekend including Friday, no not that type of fun bed but the sick bed as I have full blown man-flu. It is Day Seven since I handed my cellphone over to Cell C for repairs and now that is far in the back of my mind as I now have to contend with a congested sinus, headaches and coughing as cabin fever was starting to set in.

It was warm outside and I had to get some fresh air, even for a short while. So I took my dogs for a slow shuffle around Emmarentia with lots of stops. I took this photograph while recuperating under a tree next to the spring in upper Emmarentia. While Podge was exploring the stream, Jade was forever trying to get onto my lap, Maxy and Patch keep watch as usual, and Skye wanted to play with everyone.

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