Monday, 19 August 2013

Nokia Rubbish Cell C

My Samsung Galaxy found itself falling off my desk onto the hard cold floor. My bottom lip was trembling as I watched the LCD display colours starting to mix into each other. It was alright at first as I knew I was covered by insurance so I phoned MiWay Insurance and they requested to take it to Cell C with whom I have a contract with to get a quote for repair or replacement.

Now that is where my problem went south. Armed with my claim number from MiWay, I took my broken cellphone to Cell C in Norwood, the closest franchise to my work. At first they said that they didn't have any phones that I could use as a replacement while my phone was in getting a quote. After kicking up a stink, they found a piece of rubbish called a Nokia X2-01. How do they expect me to work with that? To add fuel to the fire, the small print says that they can take up to 21 days to fix which means I am paying Cell C for a smart phone plus extra data and they give me rubbish.

The light is dimming fast for Cell C. Like their data, they offer such cheap service because they don't have any. Plus MiWay Insurance should have a replacement phone policy while your one is being repaired or replaced. MiWay is Your Way, sa foot.

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