Friday, 16 August 2013

Kryolan Body Paint

And there I was, walking into the professional make-up shop, Kryolan, looking like really out of place and this young shop assistant sweetly asked me if she could help me. "Yes, thank you," I replied "I am looking for some make-up for my dog." Her startled look said it all, "You are joking?" she barely got out. Maybe she thought I was being disrespectful towards my wife or girlfriend. "No really, I need some body paint for my dog," I boldly declared, "white, no toxic body paint that won't smudge and irritate my dog's skin."The assistant's shocked replay was "Serious?" "Yes serious, I need to test paint a skeleton on my black Italian Greyhound to see if it is going to work and how it is going to affect my dog," I affirmed my initial request while at the same time picking up the assistants jaw off the ground.

My aim is to enter Maxy into the Geek Fest Pet Dress up as a skeleton. Well he has the right shape and I promise I will be careful with the paint.

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