Thursday, 29 August 2013


Day Eleven of no cellphone, and I am starting to see the woods from the trees. Is there a saying like that? Uhmm I am even starting to doubt myself now. My man-flu has subsided to a post-natal drip, sorry post-nasel, blame my dyslexia. Cell C has finally sent me a quote. Okay I am going to digress here a little, what the heck is up with Cell C's stupid call centre?

After umpteen times of push 1 push two I was about to lose it. It went something like this... Push 1 if you are a Cell C customer or push 2 if you are a new customer. Push 1 to input you cellphone number or push 2 if you want to input your ID number. Push 1 to input your cellphone number or push # if you don’t have a number. You have entered in 084 XXX XXXX, if this is correct push 1. We are experiencing a high call rate (Utter nonsense as very few people get this far) and an operator will tend to you shortly. Please be aware that we may not have someone that can speak your language. Hello this is XXXX, how can I help you. Can I please have your phone number? (What? Don't you already have it?) No it is not shown on the system. (Then why did I have to input it earlier?)

I have to then verify myself before they try to put me through to the repair centre. This process if it gets this far takes about 20 minutes. Cell C has the worse call centre procedures. Okay now that was a large ramble, now back to where I was.

I finally got a quote from Cell C to repair my cellphone 11 days after handing it in, wow. Eleven, 11 days for a quote. Anyway I sent the quote to MiWay Insurance and it was approved for repairs in less than 5 minutes. I then phoned through the approval through to Cell C (Oh yes had to go through that whole processes through the call centre a number of times again). According to Cell C, I should have my phone back by the end of next week. Way to go Cell C, a big raspberry to you and a big thumbs up to MiWay.

Oh today's photo, well Lynda always say that I never take decent photographs of her so here is one, taken this afternoon. As you can see there is a lot going on in this photo but the main focus is good looking Lynda. And that folks is my Day Eleven.

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